Good reasons Not to use PGRs in Hydroponics!

  • They can cause cancer.
  • Bloom booster plant growth regulators contain many
    chemicals and plant hormones harmful to humans.
  • They are not to be used on cut flowers when successive
    crops are growth in the same soil / compost or hydroponics system.
  • They are not to be reused in potting media or hydroponics systems from already treated plants
    for subsequent crops.
  • You need to wear protective clothing (rubber gloves, face mask and a lab coat) at all times
    during use.
  • They are chemicals and hormones so contaminated clothing must not come in contact with
  • You need to avoid inhaling the solution when using and if skin contamination does occur, wash immediately with water.
  • Hundreds of pesticides and pesticide ingredients are known or believed to cause cancer. Many more have not yet been studied. The most common cancers caused by pesticides are blood cancer (leukaemia), non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and brain cancer.
  • People exposed to pesticides may get a cough that never goes away, or have a tight feeling in the chest. These can be signs of bronchitis, asthma, or other lung diseases. Damage done over time to the lungs may lead to lung cancer. If you have any signs of lung damage, do not smoke cigarettes! Smoking makes lung disease worse.
  • Even small doses of pesticides can affect a child’s ability to learn and grow and may cause allergies and breathing problems that last their whole life.
  • If everyone stopped using pesticides tomorrow, we could end the epidemic of pesticide poisonings and begin to restore our land, air, and water to health.
  • Pesticides not only poison people and pests. They also harm other parts of the environment.
  • Pesticides poison animals when they eat, drink, and breathe them, just as pesticides poison people. The pesticides collect in their bodies and when larger animals eat smaller ones, the stored amount of poison gets larger too .
  • Pesticides poison water when they run off into streams. They kill fish and harm animals and people that drink the water.
  • Pesticides poison air when they drift in the wind. Pesticides can travel many miles from where they were used.
  • When people eat or drink small amounts of pesticides on their food day after day, poisons collect in their bodies over time. These small amounts can add up and cause long-term health problems.
  • Many male farm workers around the world have become unable to have children after they worked with certain pesticides because they can no longer make sperm.
  • When a pregnant woman is exposed to pesticides, the baby inside her is also exposed and can be damaged. Being exposed to pesticides when pregnant does not always mean the baby will have birth defects. But the baby will have a higher risk of having birth defects, learning difficulties, allergies, and other health problems.
  • Some pesticides weaken the immune system, which protects the body from disease. When the immune system is weak from poor nutrition, pesticides, or from illnesses like HIV/AIDS, it is easier to get allergies and infections and it is harder to heal from ordinary illnesses.

“I used a common PGR to enhance growth of my
plant however the flavour of my tomatoes decreased
enormously ”

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