PGR Product registration

How do I know if a PGR product is registered?

To check if a product is registered you need to check the label on the product. Labels on registered products carry an APVMA or NRA approval number. This number is typically found at the base of the rear label panel on the main container. The approval number contains the product number, the pack size identifier and the month and year of initial registration. A typical example might be: APVMA (or NRA): 54321 /1kg10909.

The PUBCRIS database on the APVMA website contains a listing of all registered chemical products in Australia and is a useful tool for checking a product’s registration details. If a product label does not have an APVMA or NRA approval number the product may not be registered.

Brands that you may be familiar with that are Product Growth Regulators commonly found on the shelf in hydroponic stores include CYCO (A), Bonza Bud and U-Turn.

What about natural products?

‘Natural’ (including complementary alternative and herbal) agricultural chemical products often fall under the definition of an agricultural chemical product and must also be registered prior to being offered for sale.

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