What is an agricultural chemical product?

Agricultural chemical products are defined by the Agvet Codes to
include any substance or mixture of substances that is claimed as
suitable for destroying pests or plants, or preventing the infestation of
pests. It also includes any substance that modifies the physiology of
plants or pests to alter their natural development.

Agricultural chemical products that might typically be supplied by a
hydroponics retailer and fall under this definition include:

  • plant growth regulators or nutrients that modify the physiology
    of the plant to change how it grows;
  • products to control mould and fungal diseases;
  • products claiming to control or kill algae or other water based pests, and
  • products claiming to repel or kill a pest.

Plant growth regulating chemicals

If a product contains plant growth regulating chemical(s) it is likely to require
registration with the APVMA prior to the possession and supply of the product
In Australia.

Some examples of plant growth regulating chemicals in
hydroponics stores are:

  • paclobutrazol
  • clormequat chloride
  • daminozide
  • gibberellic acid
  • indole acetic acid (1AA)
  • naphthalene acelic acid (NAA)

A number of registered agricultural chemical products contain these
chemicals as active constituents.

“The powerful defoliant and herbicide Agent Orange,
used extensively throughout the Vietnam War,
contained 2,4-D1 a chemical commonly used in PGRs.
2,4-D is toxic to the liver even at small dosages.2,3,4

Say No to PGRs in hydroponics

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