A. Chemicals that promote and influence growth in plants. PGRs fall under the definition of an agricultural chemical product and can also be described as nutrients, growth boosters, vitamins, hormones and bloom enhancers. There are over 40 chemicals that can be found in PGRs; Daminozide is one of them. In 1989 it was withdrawn by the manufacturer after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed banning it based on unacceptably high cancer risks to consumers1. Also in 1989, it became illegal to use Daminozide on food crops in the US2.

A. Agricultural chemical products that might typically be supplied by hydroponic stores and fall under the definition of an agricultural chemical product include:

  • plant growth regulators (PGRs) or products that contain plant growth regulating chemicals, such products can also be described as nutrients, growth boosters, vitamins, hormones and bloom enhancers;

  • algaecides;

  • water treatments;

  • insect repellents;

  • disinfectants; and

  • sanitisers.

These types of products generally require registration with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) as agricultural chemical products.

A. Brands that you may be familiar in hydroponic Australia hydroponic stores are CYCO (A), CYCO (B) Bonza Bud and U-Turn. There are many others.

A. To check if a product is registered you need to check the label on the product. Labels on registered products carry an APVMA or NRA approval number. This number is typically found at the base of the rear label panel on the main container.

A. It is important to note that a hydroponic retailer has a responsibility to ensure that only registered agricultural chemical products are sold or supplied to you. The fines and penalties for supplying unregistered agricultural chemical products are significant.

The supply of an unregistered chemical product is an offence under section 78 of the Agvet Codes. Action that could be taken by the APVMA if a hydroponic store is found to be selling unregistered agricultural chemical products can include compulsory product recalls, compulsory stop supply notices and even criminal prosecution. Fines relating to the supply of an unregistered chemical product can be $165,000 for each offence.

To ensure you are not being supplied unregistered agricultural chemical products, it is suggested you contact APVMA Compliance for a confidential discussion, contact details are below.

Authorised APVMA staff (inspectors) conduct random hydroponic retail store inspections and if stores are found to be supplying or selling unregistered agricultural chemical products they may be subject to the regulatory actions outlined above.

A. Agricultural chemical products are defined by the Agvet Codes to include any substance or mixture of substances that is claimed as suitable for destroying pests or plants, or preventing the infestation of pests. It also includes any substance that modifies the physiology of plants or pests to alter their natural development.

A. ‘Natural’ (including complementary alternative and herbal) agricultural chemical products often fall under the definition of an agricultural chemical product and must also be registered prior to being offered for sale.

A. CANNABOOST Accelerator® and the CANNA® range of plant additives have been guaranteed 100% safe for food crops and human consumption. You can rest assured there are no withholding periods after application for any CANNA® product nor do they leave any chemical residues behind. They are formulated under extreme trials to suit gardeners looking for high performance alternatives to pesticides or agricultural chemical based plant growth regulators.

A. The APVMA is the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. The APVMA is the Commonwealth agency responsible for the regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemical products in the Australian marketplace.

The Australian Government has legislation in place to ensure that all agricultural chemical products supplied in the Australian market can be used safely, are effective and have been manufactured In accordance with quality standards.

In exercising this responsibility the APVMA assesses every agricultural and veterinary chemical product proposed for sale in Australia.

It conducts scientific assessments to ensure that the chemicals are effective and can be used safely without impacting on people, animals the environment and Australia’s International trade relationships.

Only those agricultural and veterinary chemical products that can satisfy these requirements are registered and have approved labels. Approved labels clearly specify how registered products must be used.

A.  If you would like to know more about the APVMA or any of its services please contact:


T:  1300 700315 (local Call Cost)

F:  02 62104813

W:  www.apvma.gov.au

E:  compliance@apvma.gov.au

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